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Kingsnake Species List
On this page I will be building a list of all of the species of king snake from around the country. It will be organized by scientific names. I hope to make a helpful tool for hobby field herpers. I will be adding pictures as I ether add a species to my collection or gain access to them for photographing. 
calligaster;  Prairie Kingsnake.
rhombomaculata;  Mole Kingsnake
occipitolineata; South Florida Mole Kingsnake

getula; Eastern Chain Kingsnake
mexicana: Vairiable Kingsnake

ruthveni: Quertaro or Ruthven's Kingsnake

pyromelana; Arizona Mountain Kingsnake
woodini; Huachuca Mountain Kingsnake
infralabialis; Utah Mountain Kingsnake
knoblochi; Chihuahua Mountain Kingsnake


Peninsula Intergrade Kingsnake (L. g. getula x L. g. floridana)
Has been described as a dark Florida Kingsnake with narrower banding.
Outer Banks Kingsnake Previosly L.g.sticticeps; Some believe L. g. getula x floridana;               Others think L. g. getula.
The Outer banks Kingsnake is another favorite of mine. They have a very confusing taxonomy. Many people consider this race an Intergrade of the two species. Though we know that Florida kingsnakes don't live nearly as far up as the Outer banks it is believed that long ago their range did extend that far north. Others think it is a pure strain of Eastern Chain. Others still believe it is its own seperate subspecies.
Yuma Kingsnake (possibly L. g. californiae x L. g. splendida)
Previously known as L. g. yumensis

They can be black or brown with white markings that resemble a chain down there back. They are usually found near water, but will sometimes go to more arid areas. They can grow up to six feet. 
floridana; Florida kingsnake
They can be found in most habitats. They grow to around five and a half feet. Males tend to be lighter and larger than females.
nigraEastern Black Kingsnake
A very interesting and heavy bodied kingsnake. They have a black ground color with yellow speckeling allover there body. The underside is also yellow.
holbrooki; Speckled Kingsnake
A solid black snake with some irregular speckling throughout its body. It grows to a length similar to the eastern Chain Kingsnake. This is a fairly rare snake to find in captive breeding projects.
californiae; California kingsnake
This is an extremely Variable species. The color ranges from Jet black to chocolate with pure white to yellow markings. The two main marking types are banded and striped but they can be anything in between or combination of the two. For more info on morphs and patterns visit my California Kingsnake Morphs page by clicking here. Can grow to just under five feet.
nigrita; Mexican Black Kingsnake
A solid black snake the most prized specimen are completely black with no pattern. Grow to about 3.5 feet.
splendida; Desert Kingsnake
The name says it all the snake is just splendid. A black snake with speckled sides and narrow bars across its back. I have seen the height of the speckling vary from only like half way up to almost all the way across the back. The "sock head"(no markings on the neck region of the animal) morph is even more attractive.
alterna: Grey-Banded Kingsnake
The grey banded Kingsnake is a highly valued snake and has an almost religous following. This species has two main forms the Blairs phase and the alterna phase. They were originaly believed to be different species until it was discovered that both phases could come from the same cluch. The Blairs phase is a gray snake with thick orange or red saddles with black edging. The alterna phase has narrow saddles with very little to no orange coloring in the middle. the base color can very from light gray to almost black, and I've seen some that seem to have a green hue. 
meansi; Apalachicola Lowlands Kingsnake
Also known as the blotched kinsnake and previously named L. g. goini