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Breeding Program
    We strive to produce the best quality animals possible. The quality of an animal in our collection is distinguished by four simple points: temperament, longevity/health, feeding response, color/pattern. Our collection of animals originated from a vast number of breeders across the United States. This variety ensures a large gene pool for us to work with while striving to produce the best quality animals possible. There is no ending to our projects, as we can always strive to improve, so you can be sure to see only the very best animals to be kept as pets or breeding stock when you make your purchase from Black Rock Reptiles.

Educational Programs
    We also enjoy sharing our love of these animals with children and people of all ages. We do this through our programs and through this website. You can find detailed care articles in our information section. We have a large collection of photography of animals we have found in the 'In The Field section', but if you are looking for that up close and personal experience with some amazing animals, you may be interested in visiting our 'Programs' link above to learn more about our hands on presentations for your next event.

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